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Kadimah Property Group, now known as KPG Property Group, have selected investment opportunities across Melbourne.

Melbourne, now the fastest growing capital city, is expected to surpass Sydney in population by as early as 2020.

With the expected growth, Melbourne remains relatively inexpensive compared to Sydney.

Melbourne voted the most livable city in the world 6 times in a row is justly deserving of the title.
Contributing factors include the largest tram network in the world as well as an efficient train servicing suburban and outer areas, amongst the best universities in Australia and some of the best private and government schools. The state of Victoria boasts the number plate “Victoria the Education State”. More and more international students are experiencing this opportunity to educate themselves.

Australia has a stable government, stable economy, stable currency, low unemployment and a relaxed lifestyle surrounded by magnificent beaches. At this time Australia is totally under populated for a land mass as great as the U.S.A.
It is expected that the population will double in the foreseeable future.

This makes Australia and Melbourne a great place to invest and of course to live.

KPG Property Group will assist you all the way in choosing the best outcome in property purchasing. Our services include:
• A no obligation consult
• Property selection
• Finance
• Immigration assistance
• Property Styling

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